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Welcome to Yaza Mall

Shipping & Delivery Policy

At Yazamall, we value our customers and strive to provide a seamless shopping experience. Due to the nature of our business model, Yazamall serves as a marketing platform where independent vendors and entrepreneurs showcase their products. Currently, Yazamall does not handle shipping and delivery. However, once the payment process is activated on our platform, we will introduce a new shipping policy. In the meantime, here's how the temporary process works:

Vendor and Entrepreneur -Provided Shipping

  1. - Contacting Vendors and Entrepreneurs: When you find a product you wish to purchase on Yazamall, you must contact the vendor or entrepreneur directly through the WhatsApp button provided on the product page. This allows you to communicate with them and arrange the purchase and shipping details.

  2. - Order Arrangement: Once you initiate contact with the vendor or entrepreneur via WhatsApp, they will provide you with all necessary information regarding the product, payment options, and shipping details. All arrangements for shipping and delivery will be made directly between you and the vendor or entrepreneur.

  3. - Communication: All shipping and delivery arrangements, including tracking information, delivery timelines, and any special instructions, will be communicated to you directly by the vendor or entrepreneur through WhatsApp.

  4. - Vendor and Entrepreneur Responsibility: The vendor or entrepreneur is solely responsible for ensuring that your order is shipped and delivered in a timely manner. Yazamall does not have control over the shipping process and cannot provide updates or guarantees regarding delivery times.

How to Contact Vendors and Entrepreneurs

  • - WhatsApp Communication: To purchase an item, use the WhatsApp button on the product page to start a conversation with the vendor or entrepreneur. Ensure that you check your WhatsApp regularly for updates on your purchase.
  • - Contact Information: For any questions or concerns about your order's shipping status, please contact the vendor or entrepreneur directly through WhatsApp.

Customer Support

While Yazamall does not handle shipping, we are here to support you with any overarching concerns or issues related to your shopping experience on our platform. You can reach out to us at:

Thank you for shopping with Yazamall. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in working directly with our valued vendors and entrepreneurs for your shipping needs.