Terms and Conditions for "Link in Bio"
Enrollment Process

Read before selecting your subscription plan

 - By registering for obtaining ‘’Link in Bio’’ service on the Yaza Mall platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1 Step One:

Choose Your Suitable Subscription Plan and Click Purchase
To Connect with Us Via WhatsApp

- After reviewing our available plans, choose the one that best suits your business and subscribe. To proceed, please contact us via WhatsApp.

- For a fast and smooth registration, make sure to send us the following details when you initiate contact with us via WhatsApp, as it is part of the subscription approval conditions:

  1. Your full name (first, middle, and last).
  2. Your business mobile number.
  3. Your Email address.
  4. Your business name (company name, brand name, or activity name).
  5. Your location (wilayat/state and city).
  6. Your Instagram account name.
  7. Your business type (whether you sell products or provide services).
  8. Your target market (local, gulf, or international).

- Please be aware that each step in our registration process is mandatory.

- Missing or incomplete steps may result in you communication being disregarded. Given the high volume of clients we handle, we focus on serious entrepreneurs who provide all required details and demonstrate self-commitment when handling business matters.


2 Step Two :

After receiving initial approval through WhatsApp
Pay Your Subscription Plan Fees

 - After you complete the initial registration via WhatsApp and receive approval, please transfer your subscription plan fees to our company bank account number provided to you on WhatsApp.

 - Please note that once payment has been made, it is non-refundable. If you decide not to proceed with registration for any reason, you will not be eligible for a refund. Therefore, we urge you to ensure that you are fully committed to the registration process before making the payment.

- After transferring the payment, please send the transaction receipt details via WhatsApp.

- Please note that your membership registration activation date begins on the same day as your payment transfer.

- To maintain flexibility in our business relationship, you must commit to transferring your monthly membership subscription fee to the bank account every 30 days to ensure your store link remains active.

- Any delay in payment will result in deactivation of your store link 10 days after the due date. Please contact us if you have any questions about payment delays.


3 Step Three:

Let's Get Started: To Create Your ‘’Link in Bio’’ Page in 48 Hours
You must send us the following via WhatsApp:

  • Your business LOGO.
  • Titles and URL links you wish to be added to your page.
  • Social media links.
  • Special icons or images for your titles if required.
  • Image or URL for background. (Dynamic Plan Registrants Only).
  • Animation Image. (Dynamic Plan Registrants Only).
  • 1 Video. (Dynamic Plan Registrants Only).
  • Music URL. (Dynamic Plan Registrants Only).


  • Content details must be in English + Arabic.
  • Images quality must be high resolution and professional.
  • Images sizes must be Square 1080 x 1080 Max 1 MB.
  • Video sizes must be less than 4MB.


4 Step Four:

Promote your ‘’Link in Bio’’ everywhere you can
Congratulations! Promote Your ‘Link in Bio’’ Everywhere

- Once you've obtained your ‘’Link in Bio’’, it's time to amplify your online presence. Take the proactive step of embedding it in your Instagram bio, configuring it within your WhatsApp Business settings, showcasing it prominently on your Facebook page, and integrating it seamlessly across all your digital platforms.

- Let's elevate your business journey together and surpass your competitors. By strategically positioning your ‘’Link in Bio’’, we can enhance your brand's allure, attract a wider audience, and secure more customers. Empower your business for success today!